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Tyre Conditions – Winter is Coming

According to UK Safety Campaigners, nearly a third of UK motorists are unprepared for heavy rainfall.  This third of drivers are driving with tyres in such poor condition, that the tyres will not help protect them from the risks of driving on slippery roads.

The maximum recommended period between checking your tyres is one-month, yet only 27% of drivers claimed that they have had their tyres checked in this timeframe.  This leaves nearly three quarters of drivers, according to a TyreSafe survey, who haven’t checked their tyres within the last month.

According to the Department for Transport, during 2013, 968 motorists wound up in the hospital, due to driving with illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres.  A further 2,293,675 cars failed their MOT due to faulty tyres during 2013.

Tyre tread depth and correct inflation has a massive impact on stopping distances:

On a wet road travelling at 50mph:

New Tyres (8mm tread depth)

25.9m stopping distance

Legal Limit Tyres (1.6mm tread depth)

37.8m stopping distance

So, a difference of nearly 12 metres more to stop on worn tyres.

If you are on a fully maintained contract, please ensure you get a tyre check performed, and if necessary get your tyres changed to get yourself prepared for the rain and snow.

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