Sale and Leaseback

Could your business benefit from an injection of Capital? Does your Company have money tied up in your Vehicle Fleet? If so, Sale and Leaseback could be the product for you.

Sale and Leaseback allows you to sell your vehicles, then lease them back on a Contract Hire Agreement. In turn, you will benefit from the removal of unknown variable costs and risks associated with owning a fleet of vehicles.

Benefits of Sale & Leaseback

  • Fixed Monthly Costs to aid budgeting
  • Available with Full Maintenance
  • No residual value risks, or disposal issues
  • Your drivers stay in their current vehicles
  • Reduction in administrative burden
  • VAT on rentals can be re-claimed *
  • Contract length is tailored to your needs: between 24 - 60 months *
  • Contract mileage is tailored to your needs: up to total mileage of 150,000

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Questions & Answers

Can I purchase my vehicle at the end of my hire lease?

In some cases, yes you can. Depending on the type of contract taken out you can either return the car, extend your contract term or purchase the vehicle from the funding company.

What are the benefits of leasing vs. buying a car?

From not having to worry about servicing, incidental expenses and depreciation of the cars value, through to knowing that you have one number to call for any assistance you require throughout the duration of your lease there are many benefits associated with leasing a car.

Who funds our vehicles?

We have long-term working relationships with many of the UK’s most trusted car leasing companies, including Lex Autolease and Arval; two of the top UK ┬ácompanies in contract hire and fleet funding.