Finance Options

There are many different types of Finance Options, and what is right for one person, may not be for the next. At Prospectus Vehicle Solutions we offer a clear and simple approach, and will always ensure you are given all the facts prior to entering into any financial commitment.

Financial Options we are able to offer include:

  • Contract Hire - Fully Maintained
  • Contract Hire - Non Maintained
  • Finance Lease - Fully Amortised
  • Finance Lease - With a Balloon
  • Hire Purchase
  • Personal Contract Hire - Fully Maintained
  • Personal Contract Hire - Non Maintained

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Questions & Answers

Does the Contract Hire price include insurance?

No, you must arrange your own fully comprehensive insurance on the vehicle, and inform your insurance company that the vehicle is on a contract hire agreement with a finance company

Why Choose Prospectus Vehicle Solutions?

Trying to find the right deal can be time-consuming and frustrating – time is money and we save you both. Best of all, when you call Prospectus Vehicle Solutions you get the personal touch from people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to car lease deals.

Unlike faceless contract hire call centre staff, your contact – Nick, Martin or Tanya – will assist you all the way through to delivery, addressing your particular requirements and making sure you’re happy. And if you have any problems you come right back to us. Reliable, friendly and approachable, we say it as we see it, so you won’t get mucked about.

Why should I use a BVRLA leasing broker?

There are many benefits of working with a BVRLA leasing broker – this is why you should always look for the logo!

Whether you are leasing a car or commercial vehicle, the BVRLA works hard to ensure that you can use your vehicle with confidence.

High Standards of Service

All BVRLA leasing brokers must adhere to the mandatory Code of Conduct, which is there to ensure that you benefit from the highest standards of service, fair terms and conditions, transparent and accurate information and a complaint resolution service.

The code requires members to provide safe and roadworthy vehicles, use accurate advertising and give clear information about their products and services. Members that don’t adhere to is can be expelled from the association.

Quality Assurance

All BVRLA leasing broker members are audited or inspected to BVRLA standards. This includes ensuring that all the required licences are in place, and they are operating from an established commercial place of business, that is maintained to a professional standard. They must prove that they act as agents for – or have a direct relationship with – at least two leasing companies, and be able to demonstrate a track record of strong customer service.

Complaint Resolution

Leasing from a BVRLA member means that you have a professional body to contact if you have a complaint, or are unable to resolve a dispute. The BVRLA conciliation process is quick and free, potentially saving you money, time and hassle. All members must abide by the findings of the BVRLA, but customers remain free to seek redress elsewhere.

Clear End of Contract Recharges

All BVRLA members adhere to clear and straightforward end of contract recharges, a copy of which is available should you require this.