Motoring Myths


Motoring Myths

There’s lots of rules of the road but there’s also lots of motoring myths!  Here’s just a few of them, see if you know which are fact and which are fiction

Are you allowed to drive 10% over the speed limit?

This is untrue!  If you are caught speeding at even at just 1mph over the limit you are liable for prosecution.

However, the National Police Chiefs’ Council recommends police forces don’t prosecute until drivers exceed a margin of error of 10% of the speed limit, plus 2mph for speedometer error.  But this is a recommendation only and and you can be prosecuted for just 1mph over the limit.

Is it illegal to drive with headphones on?

It’s another one of those motoring myths, it isn’t illegal to drive with headphones on but if it’s a distraction it can be classed as driving without due care and attention and careless driving.  Music or talking in your ears could also mean that you’re not able to hear traffic warnings or emergency sirens.

What’s the rules on using a hands-free phone system?

There is a fine of £200 and 6 points for using a handheld mobile while driving.  It isn’t however illegal to have a conversation using a hands-free mobile phone perhaps using voice control and bluetooth – however if you have to handle or touch your phone in any way that’s breaking the law.

Is it illegal to smoke whilst driving?

Maybe!  It’s not an offence in itself but could constitute careless driving in certain circumstances.  It is however, illegal to smoke in a car carrying a passenger under 18 years of age.  Vaping comes under the same smoking rules in that it could be deemed driving without due care and attention if it is too distracting.

If a speed camera doesn’t flash it means I’ve not been caught?

Only some speed cameras flash!  No flash doesn’t mean no prosecution as some cameras use infra-red light instead.

Is it illegal to drive in flip flops?

This is a motoring myth! There is no law that specifically says you can’t drive in flip flops, sandals or barefoot for that matter.  However, you must be able to operate the controls safely.

DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) recommends not to drive barefoot because you don’t have the same braking force.

Is it illegal to eat/ drink whilst driving?

Another one where it’s not specifically breaking the law but if you present a significant danger then the police could prosecute you for careless driving.

How much alcohol can I drink and still drive?

It’s a myth that men can have a pint or two and women can have a large glass of wine.  It is your blood alcohol that is measured and this can depend on other factors such as whether you’ve eaten, exercised and how tired you are.  The only advice we can give is don’t drink any alcohol if you’re driving.

Are women better drivers than men?

We’ll leave this one for you to decide!

Hope we’ve cleared up some of the motoring myths!

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