Motor Insurance Fraud – Crash for Cash

The current system is flawed and open to fraudulent claims and abuse,

And who bears the brunt? You, the consumer with higher premiums.

The main reason for this is a huge increase in minor injury claims, most commonly for whiplash, resulting in above-inflation premium rises for motorists, businesses and fleet operators alike.

Since 2009, the number of whiplash claims has risen by around 32%, and this is despite the number of accidents reducing by 16%.

The same period has seen personal injury claims soar to become more than 50% of all motor claims costs presented to the “at fault” insurer.

The premium hikes are also due to excessive costs from middlemen such as claims management companies who don’t add value to personal injury claims and claimants, but are adding cost to everyone’s premiums.

We at Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Ltd are looking at ways to prevent you becoming one of the statistics, by looking at “In Cab” cameras, and data recorders, along with Accident Packs including note pads, tape measures and cameras.

All little things which may save you and your Insurance Company, thousands of pounds in disproportionate claims.

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