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Are you ready for the Snow?

Snow and ice sends the accident rate rocketing in the UK.  One in four drivers has been involved in a motoring accident in snowy or icy conditions.

At Prospectus Vehicle Solutions, we offer this advice to help you stay safe during the Winter months.

Tips for Winter Driving

  • Keep your windscreen and windows clear and de-misted
  • Check your lights are clean and working, and USE THEM
  • For moving off and low speeds use second gear rather than first to avoid wheel spins
  • To slow the car down use the gears and utilise the engine for braking; if you need to use the brakes, apply them gently
  • In snow and icy conditions, allow up to 10 times the normal braking distance, especially on motorways
  • Check your tyres.   The legal limit for tread depth on tyres is 1.6mm, correctly inflated tyres will also improve your car’s handling and save you money
  • Have an emergency kit such as something to eat and drink, a torch and extra clothing or a blanket and keep it in the back of your car
  • Plan ahead and allow enough time for your journey

Yes it may be early to give this advice, but are YOU PREPARED?

With the latest weather forecasts predicting a prolonged period of cold, make sure you keep moving.

Being in the UK where everybody talks about the weather all the time, just the mention of the word SNOW brings back memories from last year of getting stuck or stranded in the Snow.

As part of our Driver Care and Advice Programme, we say have a look at Auto Sock.

They are an essential bit of kit which should always be in your boot when the autumn leaves have fallen and winter is truly on the way.

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